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So this is a specially designed fast track course from the basics to the mock test level (without an actual driving test, but we can also help you to book an emergency test, at the moment only emergency test are available). Because of the current situation we must wear gloves and mask during the lessons. Just let me know if you short on PPE I can bring some if you'll need. Normally you can do the whole course in  4 half days (4 lessons each day, with a short break in the middle). Actually most of the people choosing this option. I'm located in Warrington, but I cover a big area, including, Manchester, Liverpool, St Helens and Skelmersdale. In Warrington the course cost £400, outside of Warrington £450. In the same time. On the last double lesson we'll do a mock test. I'll be your examiner, and put down all the mistakes. After that we'll go through everything and I'll give you a % how likely you'll pass. According to that you can choose to take the test or take more lessons. I teach with a manual car.
In the same time you can apply for an emergency practical test:
You can call me on 07723 559 597 or message me below:
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